Break Up With Your Procrastination Habit For Good!

You aren't lazy, your procrastination habit is an emotional response.Learn the tools to de-stress, manage your emotions and tap into your inner wisdom, so that you can take action on your goals and dreams!

Break Free From Perfectionism, Judgment, Fear, and Anxiety

Negative feelings are the root cause of why people procrastinate. These feelings can come from anywhere, and many people constantly struggle to find the true cause of their procrastination.

Rather than spending one more minute dwelling on what is holding you back, Overcoming Procrastination has the tools you need to focus on accomplishing your goals through deep meditation and guidance from Jason himself.

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We Hear It Over and Over Again,
You'd Do Anything If You Just Knew "The How"

Our members and long time meditators always want to know "the how" behind getting traction in life, making positive change, or getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with good ones that stand the test of time and temptation. The answer is within you and all you need is a skilled teacher and actionable efforts to help you find the truth.

Get Clear on Goals

With Jason's guidance throughout Overcoming Procrastination, you can begin to identify goals that might have become distant or seemingly unreachable to you.

Look Inward for Answers

Rather than placing blame elsewhere or looking to others for answers, Jason will teach you to look inward to make a connection to your inner guidance for the answers. Overcoming Procrastination builds confidence in you.

Move Forward in Life

Jason will share his most successful techniques in Overcoming Procrastination to create energy to get things done so that you can stay on track even when you don't feel like it.

Discover How to Move Forward With Your Vision!

Join the Course

For less than $100, you'll have access to the 7-day Overcoming Procrastination with Jason Stephenson that will teach you to boot negative habits whenever they arise..

Get a Plan

Set and plan your goals.
Receive 7 days of guided practices and exercises to help you achieve your goal. You can repeat the 7 day modules as long as you need to, or for those times you require a boost of inspiration.

Start Fulfilling Goals

Use the tools and techniques provided to find your how. Create energy to get things done while releasing stagnant energy and stored emotions.

I want you to learn how to control your life ...

I know all too well the feelings of feeling stuck or unprepared to take the next step.

The power of meditation is what saved me 20 years ago when I got lost in the darkness of drug and alcohol abuse. The experience was a total abuse on all levels to my body, mind, and spirit until guided meditation and affirmations pulled me through those darkest days. The total change and fulfillment is something that I want to share with everyone in my community and beyond.

Since then, I've made it my mission to provide the tools and techniques for others to start living life to the fullest potential. I can't wait for you to stop procrastinating and start taking advantage of everything that life has to offer.

Only $79 USD - Join Now!

"Transformed my life in ways that are indescribable. I’ve learned breathing and body scan techniques that have helped me overcome nights of insomnia and anxiety and there simply aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. Jason’s calming voice, relaxation exercises and positive affirmations have transformed my life in ways that are indescribable."


"Try some of Jason’s amazing meditation techniques. Allow this gentle Australian brain alchemist to dabble in your
semi-conscious brain."


"Transformed my life in ways that are indescribable. The meditations and positive affirmations have changed my life."


"It is as though a kind trusted friend is there with me who understands what I’m feeling and wants to help.
What he says is beautiful, but even more so is the tone of his voice. It’s full of love and compassion. He is a beautiful soul, and he is helping so many people! Thank you!"


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Overcoming Procrastination?

We want to help more people, so we have reduced the price from $147 to $79. You can access any time and download the content.  

What if Overcoming Procrastination isn't right for me?

We offer a 7 day refund period if you aren't happy with the course. You can email with any concerns.  

How much time can I expect to spend with Overcoming Procrastination?

It is a 7-day course that consists of 7 course modules and 3 bonus daily practices. Each module typically runs 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how you wish to personalize your practice. Each bonus daily practice lasts 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your purpose for practice. Although this is a 7 day course, you can continue to do each module for as long as you need and refer back to the meditations whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

What will be covered in Overcoming Procrastination?

Topics include:

  • - Making Micro-Commitments
  • - Journaling To Access Inner Wisdom
  • - Breathwork for Getting Unstuck
  • - Regulating Your Emotions
  • - Taming the Monkey Mind
  • - Connecting to Your Future Self
  • - Daily Practices  

Join Overcoming Procrastination

The course that guides you back to your inner confidence and ignites action.

Join Jason Stephenson to reconnect to your inner self to reset your habits and change your life.. Feel inspired and energised by what you are creating and completing!



DAY 1: Getting Clear On Your Goals

  • - Choose a project - small & large
  • - Clarify your intentions
  • - Daily meditation & affirmations

DAY 2: Making Micro-Commitments

  • - Choose a SMART goal and get clear on small actionable steps & resources
  • - Get clear on your commitments and your inner resistance
  • - Daily meditation & affirmations

DAY 3: Journaling To Access Inner Wisdom

  • - Identify inner barriers that stop you taking action
  • - Journal to access your own inner guidance to find your next steps
  • - Daily Meditation

DAY 4: Breathwork for Getting Unstuck

  • - Discover the power of breath as a tool to transform
  • - Breathwork exercise to get unstuck & feel energised
  • - Daily meditation

DAY 5: Regulating Your Emotions

  • - Learn the role emotions play in procrastination habit
  • - Techniques to regulate your emotions so you can take action
  • - Daily meditation

DAY 6: Taming the Monkey Mind

  • - Learn how to control distractions
  • - Exercise to strengthen your capacity to focus
  • - Daily meditation

DAY 7: Connecting to Your Future Self

  • - Discover the bridge between who you are now and who you are becoming
  • - Receive guidance from your future self
  • - Daily meditation



Morning Meditation
to feel inspired & empowered to take action

Evening Meditation to recharge and visualise your goals complete as you relax into sleep

Active Meditation &
affirmations to get moving & play as you complete your task

Commit to your goals and dreams

Take inspired action now!

Receive the guidance & support you need to fulfil your vision so you feel empowered and excited by life

Only $79 USD- Join Now!