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Experience the profound effects of a Transformational breathwork session for a deep emotional release that will release the barriers to receiving true prosperity in all areas of your life.

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If life feels like a struggle or you just want to break through your barriers to living in prosperity, join this powerful session that will bring you next level peace, activate creativity, deepen your intuition and set you up for success in all areas of life.

Transformational Breathwork

A combination of Holotropic or Euphoric breathwork with binaural beats, subliminal messaging and live coaching. All to powerful emotive music. This is breathwork on steroids!

Release stored emotions

This technique creates a deep release of emotions from the body and everyone loves the primal scream at the end, that allows them to really let go! Tears may flow but you'll feel great afterwards.

Natures Best High

While the actual session is not easy, you will most likely not experience anything else that creates such a blissful state after the session that you will want more!

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Brought to you by THE most popular meditation channel on YouTube!

4 Million+ subscribers & 1 Billion+ listens on YouTube

Jason is a comforting and familiar voice to millions who fall asleep to his popular and high quality sleep meditation channel on YouTube.

Meditations that change lives

Jason has received thousands of testimonials from people all across the globe who have been greatly impacted by his meditations and have had their lives changed for the better.

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Jason's breathwork content can't be found on YouTube as it requires a more personal approach and a higher level of guidance and ongoing support.

Meet Jason.

Jason has helped millions of people across the globe find peace, get better sleep, and overcome difficult life circumstances through his YouTube Channels, Jason Stephenson Sleep Meditation Music and Relax & Rejuvenate with Jason Stephenson.

He has recently studied 9D breathwork which fuses together breathwork, subliminal affirmations, meditation, coaching and music to create powerful activations that will shift your life.

Although Jason's work has centered around sleep and meditation, he is passionate about personal growth and supporting people in living an empowered life, in every area.

While he is known for putting millions of people to sleep, he also wants to awaken your mind, so that you can find joy in the little things and have the resilience to overcome anything life may throw at you. 

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