What if you could spark
more joy in 21 days?

"This has been such an eye opening and lovely journey over the past 21 days! The activities, activations and this community has truly sparked joy back into my life. I had previously been in such a melancholy slump. Now each day I look for the joy in the little things, in the silence and within. Thank you so much for this course! You have truly helped to change my life for the better!" Leah Ivey

Yes To Daily Sparks!
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Are you tired of feeling uninspired and disconnected from the things that once brought you joy?

Do you long for a sense of purpose and fulfilment in your daily life?

Maybe you find yourself feeling a sense of boredom creep in, even when you are busy.

You feel like something is missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it and your usual methods to shift your energy aren't working.

If you can relate to any of these feelings, then it's time to make a change and reignite the SPARK in your life.

That SPARK you need to feel excited, joy filled and empowered.

Think of yourself like a car whose battery has gone flat, and you just need to borrow a spark plug to get going again. 

Let these 21 days together be your spark plug and ignite your spirit!

We'll have fun along the way!

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Only $21 USD

"I found these inspiring daily sparks of great help to liberate myself of subtle dense energy I felt the last couple of years with all the worldwide successive crises which have impacted my energy and joy, and got me in a state of worry and feeling drained. I literally feel my inner spark reignited by focusing on what inspires and expands me, it feels so good reconnecting with my joyous and true self and taking back my sovereignty."

- Vendela D

"Jason’s enthusiasm is contagious. I will redo all the sparks and probably I will re-re-re-do them many, many times. Thank you, Jason for the time that you gave to us! You have a very high energy, and it makes me feel very good. Today, I was feeling sadness in my heart and listening some sparks I laughed and now I am feeling very well 😀"

- Maria D

Our daily “Sparks” may cause smiling for no reason, bolder than usual confidence, a pep in your step, a desire to try new things and have other people questioning what’s changed in your life!

DO NOT partake in these daily “Sparks” if you prefer a somber mood, like to hang out with negative people and don’t like smiling or spreading joy.

One of the reasons people can’t make lasting changes in their lives, or break-free from their limited beliefs, is because they are stuck in the same environment, the same routine and in the same loop of behaviors.

They have created safety in their everyday habits, even if they don’t make them happy.

Cultivating joy and all that you desire can start with very simple “sparks” that shake up your daily habits, to create a new experience.

“Daily Sparks” is designed to help you find joy and purpose in every aspect of your life


You will receive:


Feel inspired and excited to receive your daily "spark" which is a small actionable step that will help you create positive change and raise your vibration.


Start your week with a practice that will help you release what isn't serving you and ignite more joy. They will also help you integrate and embody more of your true self in your daily life.


You won't find these on Jason's YouTube channels. These are designed to wake you up and not put you to sleep. They combine powerful emotive high frequency music with breathwork & subliminal messaging.

Jason's new activations alone will help you release what is blocking your joy AND ignite your spark to feel energized and joy filled.

You will also experience a few of his traditional style meditations and mindfulness resources to support your journey.

Look forward to waking up each morning to your daily “spark” and be surprised and delighted with the variety of activities and exercises you will receive.


21 “Sparks” delivered each day by email. Video's and audio's hosted on our course platform

New activation meditations that include breathwork, subliminal messaging and powerful emotive music - unlike anything Jason has released on his YouTube channels.

Pop up community, hosted on our course platform. Connect with others, share your insights and experiences. Most importantly - spread joy!

"I just tried Jason's breathwork activation and WOW. The music was incredible and it really took me on a journey! I had tears towards the end but I also felt energised and happy. I noticed little positive synchronicities in the following days and felt really in flow. It was so different to Jason's usual meditations!"

- Lynne

"Really enjoying the daily sparks so far. Today's breathwork was really empowering. Thought I would struggle to do the last round and hold for 2 minutes but persevered and managed to do it. Extremely proud of myself for sticking with it and pushing myself that little bit more"

- Liesl W

"Thank you Jason, it's been a great ride and the spark has been growing and growing each day. It's much fun to wake up with your positive messages and tasks. Life got better and more joyous❤️"

- Jure S

"Wow, I have never experienced such an exquisite breathwork activation! It literally moves me to tears every time I listen to it. I feel all the emotions, but always safe. The music is so powerful and unlike anything I've heard from Jason too. They are life-changing! Thank you!"

- Soula

This 21 day adventure is intentionally designed and perfect if you are feeling:

  • A lack of energy, that no amount of rest will revive
  • A sense of boredom, even if your life is full and busy
  • Unfulfilled and don’t know how to make a change
  • Low mood, sadness, or general flatness
  • A sense of little to no purpose or direction in life
  • You're lacking confidence
  • Can't prioritize yourself or your joy
  • Uninspired

Or maybe everything is going great but you would love to welcome in more joy and experience Daily Sparks!

For just $21 you will have access to 21 days of guidance and support to help you create a life that is truly filled with joy and purpose. Imagine waking up each day with a sense of excitement and anticipation, knowing that you are on a path to creating the life you truly want.

Join now! Only $21 USD

Daily Sparks is for you if you are ready to make positive change in your lives and want to cultivate more joy through daily practices.

These practices include techniques for mindfulness, gratitude, energy and self-care, all designed to help you tap into your inner joy and bring it out into the world.

As you progress through the 21 days, you'll notice an increased sense of understanding and awareness around what sparks joy for yourself, as well as give you more confidence to create a life on your terms.

Meet Jason.

Jason has helped millions of people across the globe find peace, get better sleep, and overcome difficult life circumstances through his YouTube Channels, Jason Stephenson Sleep Meditation Music and Relax & Rejuvenate with Jason Stephenson.

His latest "meditations" fuse together breathwork, subliminal affirmations, meditation and music to create powerful activations.

Although Jason's work has centered around sleep and meditation, he is passionate about personal growth and supporting people in living an empowered life, in every area.

While he is known for putting millions of people to sleep, he also wants to awaken your mind, so that you can find joy in the little things and have the resilience to overcome anything life may throw at you. 

"WOW, I can't believe it's already been two weeks! I've followed Jason's tips and look forward to them daily... I'm ready to reignite! Looking forward to more sparks for week 3. I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I am!."

- Sylvia M

"Thank you so much Jason and Daily Sparks Team for this fun way to ignite our lives! Thank you for the encouragement and the inspiring ideas. I enjoyed every minute of this program!"

- Ewa L

This is your chance to spark your joy and make the world a better place. The course is created to ignite positive new habits in your life so you can bring more love, light and sparkle into every space you enter.

Start living the life you deserve. Sign up for
"21 Days to Spark a Joy-Filled Life" today and start reigniting the passion and excitement in your everyday routine.



We've got A's for your Q's

What if I can’t commit to
21 Daily Sparks?

We totally understand that sometimes you have to prioritize other things. While this course includes daily exercises, you can also complete them in your own time. Whatever brings you joy! We suggest you start the week with our activation practice, but then you are more than welcome to complete the 21 daily sparks in your own timeline. Self-compassion, self-love and joy is our intention so don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t do it daily!  

Can I get a refund if I change
my mind?

We are not offering refunds for this $42 program so make sure this is something that speaks to your heart and your joy factor. This program was created in joy, with love and we believe this will spark the experience that you need to receive at a very low investment.

My schedule is very full, will this require a lot of my time?

We aim to spark joy, not add more pressure to your life. Each day's sparks may require different lengths of time, from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. We encourage you to practice mindful awareness throughout your day. On average your sparks will be under 20 minutes a day, with the longest practice being your activation at the start of the week. As we mentioned above, you can also stretch the 21 days out if you can’t commit to daily sparks.

How is the content delivered?

All our content is hosted on our course platform, Thinkific but your “sparks” will be delivered by email each day. Daily Sparks will be a mixture of video, audio and text (but mostly video).  You will receive a welcome email and video when you sign up.

Why is your price in USD if you are Australian?

The majority of Jason's audience is in the US and also around the globe. Only a very small percentage of his audience are Australian. We choose to price in USD to accommodate the majority of his audience.

Are there any live sessions with Jason

There are no live sessions with Jason, however you will feel his energy each day especially through his videos.  His video's are casual in style, designed to make you feel like you are talking to an old friend.

Join the fun and receive 21 daily sparks to activate your joy and support you in creating an empowered fulfilling life.

It's time to prioritise YOU and YOUR JOY!