Embrace Your Ability To Manifest Miracles and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

Do you believe in miracles but don’t know how to ask for them ?

Join world-renowned meditation expert Jason Stephenson today and uncover the tools and support you need to release negative energy, break unhealthy habits, and create lasting change. Finally, you can have the power and confidence to create the abundant life you deserve and crave. 

Your dream life is waiting….

Created by Renowned Meditation Specialist Jason Stephenson

15+ Years Transforming Lives Through Meditation

1 Billion+ Views on YouTube &

4M+ Subscribers Across 2 Channels

If You Were Invited to Redesign a More Abundant, Joy-Filled Life Around Your Hopes and Dreams… Would You Say Yes? 

What if you could be in the driver’s seat of your future, with all the confidence you need to pursue the life you deserve? 

What if you could have access to all the peace, abundance and joy you need to thrive at work, in your relationships, and within yourself? That means that no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it because you have learnt to master your emotions and tap into your power so that you can feel calm in any situation.

And, what if you could love the work you do with your entire being, and feel present and appreciative no matter the season you’re in? 

This is the life you deserve to live! 

A life where you are given the gift of choice and an open heart to cultivate your destiny every single day. Whether it’s going after your dream job, creating deeper relationships, taking more risks, speaking up for what you want, or just enjoying a sense of flow and inspiration - imagine having all the power, control and energy you need to make your dreams happen. 

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Take a Sneak Peak Into The Course

Your Heart Burns to Experience This Kind of Freedom.  
But Why Does It Feel so Far Out of Reach?

I know that you have deep feelings and big dreams, but maybe some days you doubt yourself.

You can see how much needs to change in order to experience that life you dream about. You’re not afraid of putting in the work to better yourself - that is, when you can find the time to do so around caring for those around you. 

So, why does it feel so hard to move forward?

Why are you feeling stuck in a loop that you can’t get out of, and nothing is changing no matter how hard you try? 

When your life’s purpose, joy and happiness feels out of your control, it’s easy for fear to creep in. Fear that you won’t ever be able to create your dreams. Fear that you won’t ever be truly happy. 

Does that sounds familiar in your own journey so far?

Perhaps You’ve Also Found Yourself Facing These Common and Painful Challenges in Your Own Walk Too:

Do you struggle to find the confidence within yourself to speak up when your boss, your friends or family ask for your opinion?

You wish you could break free from insecurity and be on fire to share your vision and what you want with the world.

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, and find yourself tossing and turning restlessly?

You wish you could fall asleep quickly, or sleep through the night so that you feel energized, and know you’re giving your body the rest it needs.

Do you always say yes, when someone asks for help, because you are afraid of letting those who matter to you down? You always give them 110% of your energy?

You worry you’ll be seen as ‘selfish’ for making a change and putting yourself first but you end up feeling resentful and exhausted?

Does anxiety stop you from doing things you want to do and pursuing your dreams? 

You’re noticing the impact anxiety is having on your social life, work life, and personal happiness. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by life, with so much on your plate to deal with, trying to manage your life, work, family with no tribe to support you? 

You feel like you’re on your own in dealing with stress, illness, grief or loss. 

Are you so hard on yourself, and struggle to love yourself unconditionally?

No matter how hard you try to improve yourself, you fall back to feeling like a failure and experiencing self-loathing.

Your Dream Life is Within Reach.
You Just Need to Follow the Right Pathway to Get There.

You weren’t designed to navigate life alone. Everything you need for an abundant life is within you - but uncovering the right steps to take in order to reach the summit can be a difficult and lonely journey. With the noise, responsibilities, and distractions of the world in your ear, it can feel impossible to tap into a higher reality and find the personal breakthrough you’re looking for. 

You need structure and a deep understanding of why you’re stuck in the behaviors and patterns you’re in. You need a supportive community around you to uplift you, and keep you focused on your vision. And, you need the expert guidance of someone who has walked in your shoes, navigated the path before you, and can show you the way. 

When you stop going it alone, and tap into the life-changing power of these things, you can finally walk the path of inner-healing with confidence, release negative energy, and manifest positive change! 

Introducing your guide

Jason Stephenson.

"I'm a Meditation Specialist and host of the top guided meditation channel on YouTube.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been curious about the world around me. Through my journey, I connected with a spiritual power, and in that connection… I found peace. 

When I began building a community through guided meditations and music, I realized just how deeply those around me craved that same peace. The kind of peace that can happen even amidst chaos, where we can find the clarity to handle the multitude of thoughts and fears we may be drowning in. 

Because in that space of peace… that’s where the miracles can break through. 

The miracles you’ve been dreaming of, where the life of abundance, purpose and happiness you thought was out of reach comes bursting through! And every facet of your life - your work, your relationships, your health - can be awoken to a renewed hope, excitement, and joy!"

And do you want to know the most beautiful part of this process?

It isn’t all up to you to figure out on your own! When you can feel empowered to do your part to transform your life, while simultaneously releasing control to a higher power and trusting life to work out perfectly for you… that’s where the magic can happen. 

Does this sound like something that you'd like to experience?

Inner alchemy leads to miracles and now, I want to show you the system I have used to transform my own life. I'll share with you the steps on how to co-create this life beyond your wildest dreams, and manifest the miracles you’ve been dreaming of…

  • You will experience the power of deep clarity
  • Identify the subconscious beliefs that you didn't know were running the show
  • Practice my most transformational technique to release these programmes from your body and cultivate the new identity that lives in alignment with your vision.
  • You will also have short daily practices that will build your awareness and resilience.

This program creates long lasting change through:

Transformational practices

Experience daily and weekly practices that create deep transformation

Miracle Musings Reflection

Develop deeper self awareness & integrate your learnings through daily journaling in your Miracle Musings workbook


See lasting changes through compassion and self-love. This program is not here to 'fix' you. You are whole as you are, but it will help you return to more love.

Design & Manifest a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dream

This self-paced, 3-pillar course is designed to transform your life through interactive lessons, simple meditations, and powerful daily practices. Inside, you’ll learn how to step into the driver’s seat of your own life, take action on your goals and dreams, and shift your perception of yourself and the world around you. Embark with confidence on a deep inner journey, knowing you’ll have everything you need to create the life you want. 

With the Lessons You’ll Learn Inside This Life-Changing Course, You Can Stop Letting Life Happen TO You… 

And Take Control of Your Own Future!

Experience more confidence to go after what matters to you, whether that's a new job, new relationship or a dream that you have put on the backburner.

Elevate your emotional intelligence and better control your responses - no more speaking from triggers when your boss or partner calls you out on something!

Enjoy less stress, anxiety, and worry about the future. Life gets to be peaceful and fun. You'll have the tools to overcome social and general anxiety and start experiencing life how it's mean to be lived. 

Feel a renewed sense of hope in your life and purpose so that you feel more motivated to reach your goals

Experience the confidence to go after your dream job, or start a new project knowing you are worthy and capable

Feel more in flow with life and see synchronicities everywhere

Experience excitement for the future and manifest your plans

Create deeper relationships that are healthy and life-giving so that you feel more love and less conflict

Experience peace, no matter what the circumstances are so that you feel empowered knowing you can get through anything.

Shift how you perceive yourself and the world around you so you feel more peace

Take more risks, go on adventures, and travel the world so that life feels exciting

Feel supported by life, with access to a higher spiritual power

How to Journey Through Co-Creating Miracles for the Greatest Transformation:

While we recommend a 6-week timeframe, the self-paced nature of each pillar means you can choose how you move through the content in a way that feels right to you. You can take your time to complete this course, integrating what you’ve learnt and developing the sustainable habits you need to ensure the transformation lasts. 

Each phase is broken down into bite-sized, actionable steps to ensure you’re immersed in the teaching, and able to put it into practice right then and there. 

Each pillar includes:

Interactive Video Lessons by Jason Stephenson to unpack core themes and uncover powerful insights into yourself and the world around you.  

Guided Audio Meditations to help you connect not only with your head, but with your heart and spirit to what you’re learning for lasting change. 

Miracle Musings Workbook to guide you through daily practices such as journaling to help you create space to integrate the teaching and develop your awareness muscle.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside:

Co-Creating Miracles is broken up into 3 life-changing pillars, each designed to empower and equip you to design and manifest your dream life into reality.  This 3-part framework is what Jason has used to create transformation and miracles in his own life and he now wants to share this with you.

Pillar 1: Clarity

We’ll begin the journey by gaining clarity on what your dream life actually looks like and where you’re headed. In this first pillar, you will: 

  • Explore what true miracles really are, what they look like and how they occur, so you can start to see them in everyday situations (not only in life’s bigger moments). 
  • Get clear on where you are at in your life right now, and what you want to achieve, so you can turn your dreams into tangible goals you can work towards. 
  • Define how you want your dream life to feel, so you can not only manifest material outcomes, but a life that feels right and is an absolute joy to live. 
  • Learn how to continue to connect with your intention so that it's in the forefront of your mind.

Pillar 2: Clearing

Now you’ve got clarity on where you want to go, it’s time to clear the path to reach that destination. In pillar 2, you will: 

  • Get clear on what your current beliefs are - uncover which of your conscious beliefs are running the show, and which of your subconscious beliefs are holding you back. 
  • Create safety and nurture your nervous system to allow your ego mind to get on board with the changes that your desires require you to make. 
  • Develop a powerful breathwork practice that works on a somatic level to clear your stored emotions and trauma from your body for lasting transformation. 

Pillar 3: Cultivating

Once you have clarity on what you want, and a clearing of what is getting in the way now, it’s time to cultivate the new. In this final pillar, you will: 

  • Establish ways to re-program your subconscious mind with new beliefs that help you create your desires. 
  • Cultivate new habits and behaviors that align with your vision for your dream life, including how to detach from the outcome and accept where you are right now. 
  • Co-create your dreams and trust that life is working out perfectly - feel empowered to do your part, and allow the higher power that is life to do it’s part as well. 

Throughout Every Step of Course, You’ll Also Experience Insights Into Additional Themes of:


Learn to build up your “awareness muscle” as you go through the day by checking in with how you feel and what is coming up. By bringing awareness to both your somatic and mental state, you can learn to manage your triggers and emotions, and feel more in control of your life.


Develop an unshakable sense of self-compassion so you can break-free from feelings of unworthiness and failure. Develop a deep sense of understanding and grace for yourself and others - this is how true healing takes place as you always return back to love. 

Daily Practices

Establish daily practices that help you turn the information you learn from head knowledge into a life-changing transformation. Self-reflect each day in your Miracle Musings Journal, and practice short "miracle moment" breathing exercises as an act of self-love and care that bring clarity and direction to your life.

By the End of This Course, You’ll Have the Power and Confidence to Change Your Situation and Create the Life You Deserve

Finally, you can take bold steps forward to create more control in your life, and cultivate the peace and joy you deserve. You can experience a deep shift to your inner world as you find yourself in more of a state of love, acceptance, confidence, and happiness. And, you can create your own miracles through your new-found acceptance of life, knowing you can withstand anything that may come your way!

We also know that transformation is never linear. That’s why we’ve designed this course to form and flow around your unique journey.

Feel empowered knowing you have a process you can come back to time and time again - whenever you want to manifest a desire, or shift something that doesn’t feel good in your life. With lifetime access to every aspect of this course, you can go through the entire course multiple times, or hone in on another layer of clarity, clearing or cultivation whenever you need. 

Life BEFORE Embarking on This Journey…

You feel restless, flat and you’re lacking the energy & motivation that you need for the day. 

  • Your work feels draining and uninspiring - you know you’re destined for more. 
  • You’re disconnected from many of your relationships, or often triggered and wish you could reignite the connection you once felt. 
  • You’re frustrated by your work, home life, and other circumstances, but you feel out of control and hope. 
  • You’re often caught up in negativity and complaining. 
  • You’re constantly dreading the responsibilities you have, but feel too tired to make changes at the end of the day. 
  • You find yourself skipping exercise classes, eating junk, and not nourishing your body or mind.
  • You worry you’re too old to change, and you’ve passed the point in your life where your dream life is possible.  
  • You dread the future, and live in regret knowing you haven’t achieved your dreams. 
  • You’re devouring free self-development content, but without structure, your behaviors and patterns won’t seem to budge. 
  • You worry about the judgment of others in your community, and find yourself feeling lonely.
  • You're emotions can sometimes feel out of control.

Life AFTER Taking the Leap to Co-Create Miracles…

You feel excited with a new sense of energy to take on life, and know you’re in control of your day and your destiny. 

  • You have the confidence and drive to find new work/projects that fulfills you, and can take action without hesitation. 
  • You feel refreshed in your relationships, and you’re able to draw from a deep sense of love and compassion for yourself and your partner/relationships. 
  • Your life feels abundant, and full of good things in every space, because you’ve created the change you dreamt of. 
  • You’re hopeful, happy, and find yourself talking more positively in conversations about life. 
  • You’re prioritizing what brings you joy and have more self awareness to stop negative spirals. 
  • You have the energy to exercise, take care of your body, and nourish yourself with good food and good thoughts. 
  • You know that you’re just getting started with your life, and are capable of co-creating the life you love. 
  • You have no regrets, because you know that you’re in control of your dream life. 
  • You have a resource you can come back to whenever you need to reignite and reinspire transformation. 
  • You feel the motivation you need to find a community that uplifts and supports you, but you really find your value and worth in yourself not others. 
  • You've learnt to manage and master your emotions so that you feel less triggers and more joy.

What difference would it make to your life if you knew you had the power to ignite change and co-create miracles?

With this course, you can finally access that power within yourself and create lasting transformations. 

Get Access to Co-Creating Miracles and Start Your Journey Today…

Here’s what you’ll have access to today: 

Phase 1: Clarity

5 x video lessons and 1x meditation audio: Gain clarity on what your dream life actually looks like, so you know exactly where you’re headed. 

Phase 2: Clearing

6 x video lessons and 2x meditation/breathwork audios: Identify exactly what is holding you back from your dream life, and clear the path to your goals.

Phase 3: Cultivation

7 x video lessons and 1x meditation audio: Cultivate your new, abundant, and fulfilling life of confidence, peace, and joy. 

Miracle Musing Digital Workbook

Create greater awareness through daily journal prompts and a place to record your miracle moments, progress and light bulb moments.

Lifetime access to all course content

Come back and revise the miracle phases whenever you need breakthrough or change 

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Discover More About Your Transformation Guide: Jason Stephenson

Jason has helped millions of people across the globe find peace, get better sleep, and overcome challenging life circumstances through his powerful meditation and manifestation work. 

You may have seen his face or heard his calming-voice on either of his wildly popular Youtube channels: Jason Stephenson Sleep Meditation (3 million subscribers) and Rest and Rejuvenate by Jason Stephenson (1.2 million subscribers). Jason is also the founder of life-transforming businesses including Relax Me Online Australia, Zen Royalty Free and Zen Media Group. 

Through every single one of his successful projects and platforms, Jason’s mission remains the same: to empower people just like you to become comfortable with who you are right now, and find the peace, abundance, and answers you deserve inside yourself. 

By stepping into this course, you’re also stepping into a space of more structure, commitment, and accountability with Jason himself, opening the door to an even greater level of transformation. So, if you’re ready to release negative energy, awaken your mind, and create a life beyond your wildest dreams, we’re ready to embark on that journey with you. 

All that’s left to do is say yes…

Happy Students

"Wow, I have never experienced such an exquisite breathwork activation! It literally moves me to tears every time I listen to it. I feel all the emotions, but always safe. The music is so powerful and unlike anything I've heard from Jason too. They are life-changing! Thank you!"


"Transformed my life in ways that are indescribable. I’ve learned breathing and body scan techniques that have helped me overcome nights of insomnia and anxiety and there simply aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. Jason’s calming voice, relaxation exercises and positive affirmations have transformed my life in ways that are indescribable."

Michelle McLain

"It is as though a kind trusted friend is there with me who understands what I’m feeling and wants to help. What he says is beautiful, but even more so is the tone of his voice. It’s full of love and compassion. He is a beautiful soul, and he is helping so many people! Thank you!"

Janice Field

"I just tried Jason's breathwork activation and WOW. The music was incredible and it really took me on a journey! I had tears towards the end but I also felt energised and happy. I noticed little positive synchronicities in the following days and felt really in flow. It was so different to Jason's usual meditations!"

- Lynne

It’s Time to Turn Your Dreams of an Abundant, Joy-Filled Life Into Your Reality…

Join Jason Stephenson inside Co-Creating Miracles and access the tools, resources and support you need to: 

Have the confidence to pursue your dreams and do the work your heart burns for…

Live a mindful lifestyle where you’re in control of your behaviors, emotions, and responses… 

Appreciate life as it is right now, and navigate through even the most difficult seasons with peace, joy, love, and light…

And ultimately, to find everything you need within yourself to co-create a reality that is beyond your wildest dreams. Your time is now…